The epidemy starts from a human. The Covid19 virus was spread from infected humans to other humans and traveled around the globe by public transport, so now we have most of the countries involved in the pandemic and their local health systems collapsing.


CBS Group strategy for Covid19 pandemic spread contracting :

Urgent steps

1. Supply bio-active respirators for effective personal protection 

2. Supply TAXIFOLIN to hospitals to reduce death cases around the globe

3. Supply TAXIFOLIN  to potentially infected people to inhibit the virus activity and block the virus spread

4. Provide effective and mobile ozone disinfectors for public transport (bus, train) 

5. Provide effective and mobile ozone disinfectors for public spaces (hospitals, stations, schools, supermarkets, etc)


Sequence steps

1. Provide build-in solutions for public transport ozone disinfection

2. Provide anti-virus nano-membranes for public transport air-ventilation 

3. Provide ozone disinfectors for public spaces

4. Provide anti-virus membranes for building air ventilation 

5. Provide TAXIFOLIN to the food industry and agriculture to boost humans immunity and virus  resistance

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