TAXIFOLIN is the strongest natural non-toxic antioxidant and immunity booster in the world.

It is authorized for USA and EU markets as the novel food ingredient in the production of dietary supplements and food products.

As an unsurpassed antioxidant, it is used to decrease oxidation not only in human cells, but in any environment,  so TAXIFOLIN is a perfect healthy-preservative for nutrition products: food supplements, dairy, meat, poultry, fish, confectionery, and beverages.

Antioxidant activity Index  (ORAC) of TAXIFOLIN is 32744 which is 15 times higher than Vitamin C. 

Cell absorption for the purest taxifolin substance increase in geometrical progression.

The latest Basel University research declares TAXIFOLIN as one of 11 compounds in the world showing the most efficient inhibition of SARS viruses activity.

It was performed over 700 clinical and laboratory test with TAXIFOLIN since 1986

For taxifolin production, only larch trees aged over 100 years are used.

Our advanced patented technology of extraction and rich larch forests of Siberia allow us to produce 1.500 kilos per month 90-98% purity substance, which makes us the biggest in the world pure taxifolin supplier.


Due to its purpose in the oxidation process braking, taxifolin has numerous health-related benefits.


It is used for dietary supplement production with such different properties:



Immune system boost


Cardio-vascular protection

Endocrine system boost




The latest Basel University research declares TAXIFOLIN as one of 11 compounds showing the most efficient inhibition of SARS viruses activity. 

Original text extract:

"The sibirian larch (Larix sibirica) is known to produce (-)-taxofolin offering a natural resource for its extraction. Furthermore, food preparations containing (-)-taxifolin are readily available from pharmacies and other companies allowing direct and fast access to the potential antiviral. Remarkably, (-)-taxofolin underwent seven hydrogen bonds which represent the highest count in our selection of compounds. Since hydrogen bonds are a key determinant for drug specificity,29 (-)-taxofolin might offer a naturally occurring alternative to the proposed inhibitors CP-1 to CP-11." 

Synergistic Effects of TAXIFOLIN and Vitamin C 

Taxifolin boosts the beneficial effects of vitamin C by increasing the duration of its biological activity, stimulating its regeneration, and slowing down its elimination from the body. Unlike plants and most animals, humans cannot manufacture vitamin C within the body and therefore must obtain it from external sources. This has led some scientists, including the late Nobel Prize-winning chemist Linus Pauling, to propose that humans would enjoy better health if they supplemented their diets with an amount of the nutrient proportional to the amount produced in animal species that manufacture their own vitamin C. Moreover, aging adults experience a decrease in vitamin C levels, which may contribute to the development of several degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative conditions, and eye disorders. The combination of vitamin C and TAXIFOLIN (dihydroquercetin) offers such tremendous promise in preserving and restoring health that it has been approved as a prescription drug in some parts of the world.

TAXIFOLIN (Dihydroquercetin) 99% purity
TAXIFOLIN (Dihydroquercetin) 90% purity
EPICATECHIN (Green tea extract)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
* Data provided by Brunswick Laboratories

TAXIFOLIN is an unsurpassed antioxidant, so it is used as a healthy-preservative in the food industry. 

We supply TAXIFOLIN (Dihydroquercetin) to such brands as SWANSON and Kenay.

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